Anger Management

Anger Management

The MK Center’s Anger Management Class is a 12 hour educational class that deals with teaching, its participants how to manage their anger. Stopping violence or the threat of violence by developing self-control over their thoughts and actions.


In each four 3-hour session each participant will learn a variety of skills that will build a conceptual framework for understanding Anger and how it works. Building an Anger Control Plans will help group members develop a plan for controlling anger, and understand how to change the cycle of aggression. Cognitive Restructuring: The A-B-C-D Model and Thought Stopping Model will give each participant the tools needed to begin managing those events and cues that lead to anger. Assertiveness training and the Conflict Resolution Model will give participants alternatives for expressing their Anger.


  • Day One        Overview of Group Anger Management Treatment Events and Cues:

A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Anger

Anger Control Plans: Helping Group Members Develop a Plan for Controlling Anger

  • Day Two        The Aggression Cycle: How To Change the Cycle

Cognitive Restructuring: The A-B-C-D Model and Thought Stopping

Review Session #1: Reinforcing Learned Concepts

  • Day Three      Assertiveness Training and the Conflict Resolution Model:

Alternatives for expressing Anger

Anger and the Family: How Past Learning Can Influence Present Behavior

  • Day Four        Review Session #2: Reinforcing Learned Concepts

Closing and Graduation: Closing Exercise and Awarding of Certificates



The MK Center’s Anger Management Class is offered in two formats; participants can complete the 12-hour course in 4 weeks by attending 4 three hour sessions held on Thursday nights. Classes will start at 6pm and conclude at 9pm. For those participants that would like to complete their classes within a shorter time frame we offer one special session a month where the participant can complete their class within 4 evening sessions.


Regular session classes are $80.00 per class and includes 12 hours of education and an Anger Management Workbook. Special session classes are $100.00 per class and are completed within one week, 12 hours of education, and includes an Anger Management Workbook.